James Murray

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My Journey

 James Murray was born on October 12, 1969 to the late Rev.Jefferson Murray and the late Sis. Annette Murray. When Sis. Murray was pregnant with James, she prayed over her womb and asked the Lord to use him mightily and to anoint him musically for His service. The Lord honored her prayers in a huge and awesome way! He grew up at Apostolic Church of God in Christ Jesus with his mother and siblings and was saved at the early age of 9.

It was apparent very early that he was extremely gifted and talented. The Lord has blessed him to sing, write, exhort the people of God, direct choirs and play various instruments such as the organ, keyboard and the drums and to lead the body of Christ in praise and worship under the leading and anointing of the Holy Ghost.

James is the Music Pastor at Greater Life Apostolic Church where the pastors are Elder Gilbert (Mardy) Allen and Carla M. Allen.James is married to Evg. Crystal Murray and they have two musically talented, gifted and anointed sons James and Justin. James' life is exemplary of holiness, serving the Lord with all His might and heart, dedication and truly living the life that he speaks and sings about every opportunity he gets.

A few of James many accomplishments on his long resume are: The late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark gave James his first opportunity at 14 years of age to sing lead on the song entitled "Lord I Really Need You Everyday."  James sang lead on "Jesus is Knocking" on Derrick Starks Today’s Generation Choir debut album.  James also sang on the late William Rimson debut album on the song entitled "Lord I Really Need You Everyday."  James was recently featured on the single entitled "Great Rain" by Carl B. Phillips on the CD entitled Carl B. Phillips and Friends.